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Here at X1mediatools, we know that a logo is the MOST IMPORTANT item you need for your business!

A logo is a sketched or graphically designed symbol, set in a specific typeface or font, and arranged in a unique way, with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent a company, product, organization, agency, or service. A logo, however, is more than just a graphic symbol. A logo is a brand identity image, or a tag of a company or product. A logo is a tangible concept that provides a company with a visual image, and that fosters recognition by consumers. There are so many corporations, products, services, agencies, and other organizations that use a logo to represent their image that the uniqueness and recognizably of a logo becomes a very important element.

A logo is what helps customers remember the company or product, and is often what brings them back. The right logo can be one of the strongest marketing tools as it is a consistent image that consumers become familiar with, and that provides clarity to consumers and suppliers as to what the brand or product is. Examples of good logos are those that can be easily differentiated form other logos, and ones that are easily recognized due to their unique typography or distinctive coloring. The job of a logo designer is to provide a new and innovative way to express the key message of a company through a recognizable image.

Logo designers take the information given to them by the client and work, using their own creativity along with marketing strategy to find an appropriate image that their client can use to represent what they are trying to encourage, or sell, or what they are about. Logo designers will often come up with several different designs before going to a client in order to give the client several options to choose from. From there, the logo designer will work with the chosen image, producing alternatives for different contexts, and making sure that the design can be consistent across a variety of media, until they have come up with exactly what they and the client are looking for. Simple. Contact us and let us create your IDENTITY!


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